Glenn Banton

Believing in a mantra of “serving those that serve us”, Banton has formally been with OSD since early 2013. Now in the role of CEO he is focused on the near term tactics in executing on the OSD mission and the long term goal of OSD being a cornerstone of the veteran community.

Immediately prior to accepting the leadership position at OSD, he worked for a custom software development company out of Austin, Texas and was personally shepherding organizational relationships with partners including Fox, Disney, Marvel, Starbucks, General Motors, GameStop, Samsung and Sanrio on numerous high-profile products. His success in this role lead the company to close a significant investment from William Morris Endeavor.

Banton has a number of years in the non-profit sector having been in a key role as Director of the nationally recognized basketball academy, Jam On It, based in Reno, Nevada. Having started as a small local group, within a few years with his knack for executing large visions, tournaments were being held in multiple states with the largest event had a draw of nearly 15,000 people. Many of the Jam On It alumni have gone on to play on the collegiate and professional levels, including the NBA.

Glenn currently lives in Driftwood, Texas (home of the world famous Saltlick BBQ) with his wife Katy, and two children Makayla (11) and Glenn Jr. (7). In the small amount of available time outside his OSD duties, he enjoys reading and gaming, but mostly guns and coffee.